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Healing Fom the Body Level Up (HBLU™) is the most unique, innovative and effective healing modality that I have found to date, to support people in reaching their goals and making the changes they would like for their lives. Humans are multi-dimensional beings. For whatever goal we are hoping to achieve, alignment needs to happen on the physical, emotional, conscious, unconscious, and spiritual levels for lasting change to occur,.

This body of work was developed by Dr. Judith Swack, a healer with a Ph.D. in biochemistry and immunology. She created a system which integrates biomedical science, Neuro-linguistic Programming, psychology, applied kinesiology, and energy psychology techniques, with original research on the structure of complex patterns that negatively interferes with our life energy and goals in life. She developed a working model for examining the types of interference that can block an individual’s fulfillment of his or her life purpose. She followed up the application of this model with rigorous testing to confirm the results.

Areas of interference that HBLU™ examines are:

* LIFE EXPERIENCE - Obstacles in this category occur during life experience and imprints in the conscious mind, the unconscious mind, the body and soul levels. Examples of interference patterns at the conscious level can include misinformation or lack of information, lack of skills or unskillful behavior. Examples of damage patterns at the unconscious level include limiting beliefs (a belief that you feel is true, but you know better), and unproductive habits that we pick up from our environment. Examples of damage that we pick up at the body level includes physical injuries/illnesses and emotional traumas.

* PERSONALITY STRUCTURE. This is your ego structure or operating system (like Windows is a computer operating system). The personality structure sets your sense of self and your worldview. It is the filter through which you process all incoming and outgoing information. If you have "bugs" in your operating system, it interferes with large areas of your life. Many different models of personality structure exist. The model used in HBLU is based on the enneagram, a modern synthesis drawn from a number of ancient wisdom traditions and developed in the 1970s by South American researcher and theorist Oscar Ichazo.

* EXTERNAL INTERFERENCE. We do not create or control everything that happens to us in the universe. Examples of external factors that interfere with us can be systemic, natural disasters, destructive individuals with free will, and those things folklore and mythology describe as supernatural phenomena.

Work in HBLU™ begins by teaching the client techniques to consciously access information from the unconscious mind using simple NLP (Neurolinguistic) techniques and/or muscle testing. In HBLU™ the ability to communicate with the client’s conscious mind, unconscious mind, body, and soul simultaneously takes a lot of the guesswork out of the healing process.

HEALING FROM THE BODY LEVEL UP™ is effective because it

* Aligns the conscious level, the unconscious level, the body level and the soul level simultaneously.

* Has a menu of well characterized interference patterns

* Has a menu of quick and effective techniquesI

* is specific for the individual